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A team of tech, music and brand professionals innovating at the nexus of music and technology, providing brands and businesses the opportunity to scale brand loyalty using African Music. We create memorable brand experiences that stick with customers and a relaxed environment that aids employee productivity using African music.

How Josplay Works

By harnessing the power of AI and exceptional skills of our music experts to create music that helps brands build deeper connections with their audiences by constantly scaling and adapting customer behavior. We are all fully dedicated to reinventing moods and ambiences in commercial spaces, equipped with in-depth knowledge of background music and its effect on diverse audiences.

Our Values

We believe that the unique sound in your business space quickly forms your audio logo, and with a carefully curated selection of music your brand can speak more loudly and clearly.

Music is an Audio Logo

We believe that music is an important part of Africa's history and every recorded body of work is a piece that must be preserved.

Africa is in our DNA

We believe that all musical creative works should be distributed in a manner that ensures maximum profitability for the right holders.

Creators Get Paid


A piece of African music for every moment.


We believe the industry with the richest and most accurate musical metadata and intelligence needed to build smart discovery and recommendation systems on African music.

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